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Thomas More Athletic Social Media Guidelines

Thomas More University is dedicated to graduating champions by developing leaders through competition and academics. Every student-athlete that puts on a Thomas More uniform and steps out on the field represents Thomas More University. Student-athletes should recognize that they are held to the highest standards since they represent the institution.

Through social media, you can now be seen by more people than ever, including Thomas More supporters, fans of opposing teams and members of the media. Everything posted on social media should positively represent the Thomas More name on your uniform. Social media can be a great way to interact with friends, fans and the public, while promoting your team and the university in a positive manner. Using social media irresponsibly can quickly destroy your reputation in simply 140 characters or less. Below are some tips and suggestions for using social media responsibly and effectively.

Represent Thomas More University
As a student-athlete at Thomas More, you are responsible for your social media activities and are expected to follow the same behavioral standards of your everyday life. The same rules and guidelines for interacting with family, friends, teammates, coaches, faculty, staff and fans apply online and the real world. Never compromise your personal reputation and integrity - or that of your team and university - through social media.

Think Before You Post
There is no such thing as a private social media site. Search engines can display pictures and posts long after the publication date. Post only thoughts and pictures that you would be comfortable sharing with the public. Use your judgement and always error on the side of caution.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You
Emotions tend to run high after a game, no matter the outcome. Wait to post about a subject or the game until you have calmed down and are in a better mindset.

Be Respectful
While you have the right to express your beliefs, you should weigh the values of respect when expressing yourself. Stop and think before you post and think about potential slurs or language that could be hurtful. What you post reflects on you, your team and the university.

Protect Your Identity
While posting, scam artists and identity thieves are looming. Do not provide personal information about yourself. Don’t list your birthday, campus address or phone number. The same can be said about family members and teammates.

Social media is growing rapidly every day. While everyone has a right to express their thoughts and beliefs, it is important to remember who you represent and who is reading. Before posting, always be sure to ask yourself how it will reflect on you, your team and the university.