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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

SAAC is an organization that consists of student-athlete representatives who act as a liaison between the athletic department, coaches and the NCAA. The representatives meet once a month to discuss issues in the NCAA, new events that the group is planning or helping with, and opportunities for involvement in PAC events.

2017-18 Officers

President Chris Lawson  
Vice President  Erin Carrus  
Secretary Michael Kenney  


2017-18 Representatives


Baseball Sam Hauer Tyler Smith  
Men's Basketball Austin Young Michael Griffin  
Women's Basketball Madison Temple Abby Owings  
Cheerleading Sydney Adamson  Taylor Kessen  
Dance Kelsey Finn Shannon Smyth  
Men's Cross Country  Ronny Smith    
Women's Cross Country   Natalie Kleier    
Football Adam Guard Johnny Lammers  Keith Orloff
Men's Golf Nick Drake    
Women's Golf Sara Jackie Sophia Illokken  Abby Albrinck
Men's Soccer Brandon Lorentz  Eli Nienaber  
Women's Soccer Kaitlyn Armentrout Allison Wimmers  
Softball Madison Stewart Erin Carrus  Mary Beth Odom
Men's Tennis Michael Kenney  Wesley Smith  
Women's Tennis Nicole Capodagli Brooke Warden  
Men's Track & Field Christopher Lawson Andy James  
Women's Track & Field Dominique Webber Dakota Sicurella  
Volleyball Rachel Bronner Jenna Fessler Madison Krumpleman
Women's Lacrosse  Gillian Casey Jalee Connor  
Men's Bowling  Jonathan Frommeyer    
Women's Bowling Katherine Laine    
Wrestling Andrew Taylor James Caniglia  
Rugby Jeni Hall Kevin Root